I wanna lay you down, face down, my hands on your shoulders, my mouth and tongue moving behind your neck, slowly up, down and side to side. Then slowly moving down your spine and back, switching between my tongue and lips.up, down and side to side down your back. When I reach just above your butt crack, that little sunken area, my mouth stops and my chin takes over, the hairs tickling you, up, down, side to side and in circles, all in that one little spot :-)

I love your lips all over me.

Nakikipag sex ka pa ba?

Oo naman. Ano bang tanong yan haha


Hi people!!!
I may not be active, but you can all leave me a message and I will try my best to reply to your messages :)

Thank you for following and welcome to my other world :D

Hi, tanong ko lang kasi nagmmotel pala kayo. Are there age restrictions? tsaka pwede naman if same gender no, wala na sila pake don? HAHAHA sorry di ko alam kung sino pagttanungan. Ini-snob ako nung isang porn blog.

Uy hi! Hindi naman tatanuning age niyo as long as mukha kayong 18+ :) Tsaka feeling ko naman ayos lang same gender, wala naman sila pake hihi

This has been a very tiring Friday

This has been a very tiring Friday

Saturday, August 16, 2014
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